Edith Escalante – Age 17

Meet Young Choreographer, Edith.  Age 17.

Mentor:  Irene Watson
Favorite Styles of Dance: Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary. “They are probably my favorite because they all connect to each other in some way but each one was its unique quality. Like ballet is all about discipline and straight lines. Meanwhile jazz can be fun, girly, sassy, and can still incorporate technique. Then contemporary is all about freedom, emotions, and quality of expression.”
About Her Dance Piece: “What inspired me to do this dance was really the song ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day and just the lyrics, the song rhythm, and dynamics. I also incorporated styles and moves from ballet, jazz, and contemporary that I have enjoyed out of my 14 years of dancing.

My piece is about repeating, and keep moving forward. Not only in this dance medium like repeating a dance movement but an audience member is completely free to interpret that as repeating and moving forward in life or when there struggles and hardships. Also, to not let the same people, same problems bring you down but repeat the effort to break free and move forward.

Watch Edith’s Video.

Edith with her mentor, Irene.

Edith with her mentor, Irene.