Allyssa Lingad – Age 14

Meet Young Choreographer, Allyssa.  Age 14.

Mentor:  Jennifer La Curan
Favorite Styles of Dance: “My favorite style of dance is modern because it is very fun and different from ballet and hip hop.”
About Her Dance Piece: “What inspired me was Sia. A lot of her music videos are considered strange, and attract a lot of attention. Sia was always very interesting to me, when I was 10 my ballet teacher used to play her songs all the time. Now that she came out with new music, I have a new interpretation of her. I wanted to capture the essence of Sia with my own personal influence in it. I didn’t want to do a dance that was necessarily filled with perfect feet and lines. So of course, I used a Sia song and choreographed a dance that shows who I am. I also wanted to improve upon what i did last year. I wanted to learn more and do a lot better than my piece last year.

My piece represents an internal battle. There are two people and they represent two sides of the story, or they can be seen as two people who represent one. It supposed to show the dilemma between choosing one or the other. I want the audience to learn that internal battles can be solved and that the battle will only help you become a stronger person, just as long as you keep persevering. ”

Watch Allyssa’s Video.

Allyssa with her mentor, Jennifer.

Allyssa with her mentor, Jennifer.