About Us

Who We Are, What We Do...

Who We Are

We are dedicated to empowering young dancers through mentoring and instruction in choreography and dance composition.

Founded in 2015, Young Choreographers Project is a group of dance professionals and supporters living in the greater Los Angeles area who partner with inner-city youth dance programs to provide mentoring and education in choreography.  Created and lead by Lila-Lorraine Turner, a technology professional and former dancer, Young Choreographers Project is committed to promoting, self-expression, empowerment, and leadership skills to young dancers.  Miss Turner has partnered with some of LA’s most up and coming choreographers and dancers to create unique choreography based programs for young aspiring dancers and choreographers.

Since February 2015, we have impacted the lives of over 100 young dancers living in the inner-city of Los Angeles to date.  Every student achieves:

  • a greater sense of self-confidence,
  • an ability to lead their peers, and
  • an ability to express themselves through the art of choreography and movement.

What We Do

Young choreographers project currently provides an 8-week program starting in February every year and a week-long choreography intensive every summer.

During our 8-week program, we match young dancers (ages 13-18) with dance professionals who mentor and guide students through the process of creating an original dance piece.  Over the 8 weeks, each student develops a concept, creates movement, leads their peers in rehearsals, and showcases their work at a final performance.  Having the opportunity to become a choreographer enhances each student’s relationship with dance and strengthens their technical skills and body awareness.

Our Summer Choreography Intensives are usually less structured and really allow students to experiment and explore with movement.  Taught by Choreographer Irene Watson, students discover several ways to create movement and cover everything from improvisation to musicality and timing.

The Impact:  Outcomes for Our Students

  1. Students will be skilled at using movement and choreography to express their thoughts, feelings, or ideas.
  2. Students will be skilled at communicating their creative concepts and choreography to their peers and other dancers. Their peers will relate to them as leaders and as people who can make a difference within the communities that matter most to them.
  3. Students will be skilled at providing feedback and critiquing their peers and other dancers. The feedback that students provide will occur to others as an opportunity to improve their technique and abilities.
  4. Students will create a new relationship with dance and choreography. They will be unstoppable in expressing themselves through movement and dance.

Dance Professionals and Mentors

One of the most important components of our programs is the mentoring our students receive from professional choreographers and dancers who have mastered their technique and have already found their creative voices.

We pride ourselves in being able to connect the professional dance community with students living and learning in this city. This connection allows professionals to give back and make a positive impact in the lives of the next generation of professional dancers and choreographers. Choreography Mentors often walk away from the experience having a deeper understanding of their own creative processes and a strong sense of accomplishment and contribution.

Get Involved

We are interested in providing this opportunity to other communities within the Los Angeles area, as well as to other cities across the country.  Please email info@ycpla.org for more information on how you can become involved.

Young Choreographers Project is fiscally sponsored by The Dance Resource Center of Los Angeles and operates as a 501(c)(3).