Cynthia Cuellar – Age 16

Meet Young Choreographer, Cynthia Cuellar.  Age 16.

Mentor: Yasmine Lindskog
Favorite Style of Dance: “I love all types of dance, especially contemporary or any form of dance that has influences from all sorts of dance styles.”
About Her Dance Piece: “I’m a current junior therefore the whole college application process is looming over my shoulder. I’ve been working on personal statements which has caused me to reflect upon what actually helped me come up with my own worldview. I came to realization that it was primarily because of the amount of diversity that I’ve been exposed to at a young age, especially since Los Angeles is a center for diversity. This piece is to commemorate everything around me as I was growing up because no matter where I end up next year, the city of Angels will always be me home. My piece is about the interaction between different people (family, teachers, friends, even strangers) that all shape an individual’s worldview. We all have different perspectives about the world, and when we come together, those different views create the ‘bigger picture’ because we all learn from one another. Even if we are all meant to go our own paths, the moment that we share in the present, in some shape or manner, expands our understanding and knowledge in the world.”

Watch Cynthia’s Video

Cynthia with her mentor Yasmine Lindskog.

Cynthia with her mentor Yasmine Lindskog.

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